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Claire House Hospice

Who we are:

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Claire house children's hospice is one of 44 around the UK supporting families in crisis. Claire house opened its doors to young children in December 1998 providing a service for children and young adults aged 0-23 years with life shortening or life limiting conditions and their families from west Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and the Isle of Man.

What we do:

Family support is intrinsic to our work at Claire house. It is a frightening experience for everyone when a child is diagnosed with a life shortening condition and the illness has an enormous impact upon the whole family. The fundamental aim is to care for the vulnerable child and the entire family, including siblings of the child attending Claire house.

Claire house recognises that life is precious - however long or short that might be. Claire house is not a sad place it is a place for living. It provides an opportunity for children to enjoy fun, laughter, love and support.

This is where you can help:

Claire House

The hospice is funded almost entirely through fundraising income. £13,000 will support one family for a year £7,500 will fund a music therapist for 6 months £1000 will provide trips and outings for our children and their siblings £500 will give 24 hour medical cover from one nurse, £150 will provide meals for one day, £100 will fund play activities for the children and their siblings daily, £30 will also fund our hydrotherapy pool for one day.

The above examples are just a small part of what we need to care for our precious children - your help and support is greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to an events page where you can take part in our fundraising:

Claire House Events

Wirral office - 0151 343 0883
Liverpool office - 0151 227 4941

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