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I have bought a deal and received a Paypal receipt but not received my voucher


There are a few reasons this may happen. Your voucher is emailed to the email address that you input when you first opened an account. This of course may be different to the one you receive your deal emails to. One reason may be your spam settings on your email account are a bit high and the voucher could not get through. (Check your junk file as this is where they may go). When you first set up your account, you may have misspelt the email address. In both instances, do not worry, please go to the “My Account” section on the site and they are always available to download from there.

I have forgotten my username or password


Being subscribed to receive the deal emails does not mean you have an account so remember, you only have a username and password if you have an account with us, i.e. if you have purchased from us before. So, if you are purchasing for the first time, simply click “Buy this deal” and follow the account opening process from there.

If you have purchased before and cannot remember what your username or password is, after clicking “Buy this deal” there is a link that says “forgotten username”. Click that and a reminder will be sent to you by email. If it is your password that you have forgotten, there is a link “reset password” after you have entered your username and a new one will be sent to you (we do not hold password information on the site for your security).

I am putting my email address in for my username reminder and it says “email not recognised”, how is that possible if I get your deal emails all of the time?


Remember, when you are asking for a username reminder, the email it is looking for is the one that relates to your account. So if you don’t have an account it will not recognise your email. The fact that you receive deal emails is completely unrelated in this process. So the problem is either:

You have never purchased from us before and do not have an account so you need to set one up after clicking “Buy this deal”.

Or, the email address you are putting in is not the one you registered to receive your vouchers on when you first set up your account

Or, there is a typo in the email address when you first set up the account. In this case see question below.

I have followed the username/password reset facility and I have not received anything from you by email


This information is sent to you in plain text so will not be a spam issue. The ONLY explanation for this is that when you set up your account and entered the email address you wanted your vouchers to go to, there was a typo. There is no way of us accessing your account to change this as your information is protected. Contact us on and we will re-issue your vouchers on that account, but you will have to set up a brand new account to make any further purchases.

I have bought and deal and no longer require it can I have a refund or credit note?


If you change your mind about a purchase for any reason within 7 days we will refund you in full, this meets our legal obligations as an agent. After this time refunds cannot be issued, please see our T&C’s on the site. We do not have a credit facility on the site.

I have bought a deal and it is about to expire and the advertiser cannot fit me in before the expiration date


Validity dates are clear when you purchase you deal and appointments to use the voucher are always subject to availability. It is important that you do not leave using your voucher until the last minute to avoid disappointment. The advertiser is not under any legal obligation to honour the deal past the expiry date and you will forfeit the voucher.

What happens if I miss or cancel my appointment when using my voucher?


Most of our advertisers operate a cancellation policy. If you buy a deal which states there is a 24/48 hour cancellation policy, you must give the requested amount of notice if you wish to cancel your appointment or you will forfeit your voucher. This means you will not be allowed to re-book using the voucher and we will be unable to refund you (because we will have to pay for your missed appointment).

Can I buy more than one voucher for a deal?


Our deals are so deeply discounted that the advertiser makes little and sometimes no profit on them. They are designed to be an introductory offer only. Unless it is otherwise stated, you can only buy one voucher for yourself. You may purchase as many as you like if you are gifting them to others, but each one must be used by a different person. This also means that if you have used one yourself and someone else buys you one, even though it is a gift, you will not be allowed to use it.

What do I do if I am unhappy with a deal I have purchased?


We really do value feedback from our subscribers and although we work closely with our advertisers when we run their deals, it is not possible to monitor service levels for each of them on a daily basis (see T&C’s). For this reason we ask that should you ever be disappointed with one of our advertisers, please let them know while using your voucher or after your visit, so that they may have the opportunity to put things right for you. They are making very little on these deals and only run them to attract new customers who will (hopefully) return. They understand that this will not occur if you are unhappy with the service you receive so they will usually try to put things right. However, if you feel we should have further information, please email us at . Customer service is our highest priority.

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